List of airports in Kiribati

Kiribati list of airports

Full list of airports in Kiribati includes both the international airports in Kiribati, the largest airports, large airports, and a small civil airports in Kiribati.

The list of airports includes: airport codes in Kiribati (iata codes, icao codes), airport names in Kiribati, the name of the city in which or near which the airport is located.

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You can easily sort the data in each column of the table alphabetically (a-z, z-a) just by clicking on the header (City, Airport IATA code or ICAO code). Or you can use the search box at the top of the table by typing the first few letters of the city name, airport name or code of the airport.

# City Airport IATA code ICAO code
1. Aranuka Aranuka AAK NGUK
2. Abaiang Abaiang ABF NGAB
3. Abemama Atoll Abemama Atoll AEA NGTB
4. Arorae Island Arorae Island AIS NGTR
5. Butaritari Butaritari BBG NGTU
6. Beru Beru BEZ NGBR
7. Canton Island Canton Island CIS PCIS
8. Christmas Island Cassidy International Airport CXI PLCH
9. Kuria Kuria KUC NGKT
10. Maiana Maiana MNK NGMA
11. Makin Island Makin Island MTK NGMN
12. Marakei Marakei MZK NGMK
13. Nikunau Nikunau NIG NGNU
14. Rotima Nonouti NON NGTO
15. Onotoa Onotoa OOT NGON
16. Tabiteuea North Tabiteuea North TBF NGTE
17. Tetabedi Tetabedi TDB
18. Tamana Island Tamana Island TMN NGTM
19. Teraina Teraina TNQ
20. Tabuaeran Tabuaeran TNV PLFA
21. Tarawa Bonriki TRW NGTA
22. Tabiteuea South Tabiteuea South TSU NGTS