List of airports in Korea (South)

Korea (South) list of airports

Full list of airports in Korea (South) includes both the international airports in Korea (South), the largest airports, large airports, and a small civil airports in Korea (South).

The list of airports includes: airport codes in Korea (South) (iata codes, icao codes), airport names in Korea (South), the name of the city in which or near which the airport is located.

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You can easily sort the data in each column of the table alphabetically (a-z, z-a) just by clicking on the header (City, Airport IATA code or ICAO code). Or you can use the search box at the top of the table by typing the first few letters of the city name, airport name or code of the airport.

# City Airport IATA code ICAO code
1. Jinhae Jinhae CHF RKPE
2. Jeonju Jeonju CHN RKJU
3. Cheongju Cheongju CJJ RKTU
4. Jeju Jeju Airport CJU RKPC
5. Jinju Sacheon HIN RKPS
6. Seoul Incheon International ICN RKSI
7. Jeju Chuja Heliport JCJ ZUJZ
8. Incheon Heliport JCN OEGN
9. Geoje Heliport JGE
10. Gangneung Gangneung KAG RKNN
11. Pohang Pohang KPO RKTH
12. Gunsan Gunsan KUV RKJK
13. Gunsan AB Gunsan Airbase KUZ
14. Gwangju Gwangju KWJ RKJJ
15. Mokpo Mokpo MPK RKJM
16. Osan Osan AB OSN RKSO
17. Busan Gimhae PUS RKPK
18. Yeosu Yeosu RSU RKJY
19. Sokcho Seolak SHO RKND
20. Samcheok Samcheok SUK RKNS
21. Suwon Suwon SWU RKSW
22. Suncheon Yeosu SYS
23. Daegu Daegu TAE RKTN
24. Ulsan Ulsan USN RKPU
25. WonJu WonJu WJU RKNW
26. Yecheon Yecheon YEC RKTY
27. Yangyang Yangyang YNY RKNY