List of airports in Mozambique

Mozambique list of airports

Full list of airports in Mozambique includes both the international airports in Mozambique, the largest airports, large airports, and a small civil airports in Mozambique.

The list of airports includes: airport codes in Mozambique (iata codes, icao codes), airport names in Mozambique, the name of the city in which or near which the airport is located.

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# City Airport IATA code ICAO code
1. Alto Molocue Alto Molocue AME
2. Angoche Angoche ANO FQAG
3. Nampula Nampula APL FQNP
4. Benguera Island Benguera Island BCW
5. Beira Beira BEW FQBR
6. Bajone Bajone BJN
7. Bazaruto Island Bazaruto Island BZB
8. Caia Caia CMZ
9. Dambula Dambulu Oya Tank DBU OMDB
10. Cuamba Cuamba FXO FQCB
11. Ibo Ibo IBO
12. Inhaca Inhaca IHC FMSI
13. Inhaminga Inhaminga IMG
14. Chinde Chinde INE
15. Inhambane Inhambane INH FQIN
16. Luabo Luabo LBM FQLU
17. Lumbo Lumbo LFB
18. Palma Palma LMZ
19. Magaruque Magaruque MFW
20. Maganja Da Costa Maganja Da Costa MJS
21. Mahenye Mahenye MJW KLAS
22. Moma Moma MMW
23. Nacala Nacala MNC FQNC
24. Maputo Maputo International MPM FQMA
25. Montepuez Montepuez MTU
26. Mueda Mueda MUD FQMD
27. Mocimboa Praia Mocimboa Praia MZB FQMP
28. Nangade Nangade NND
29. Ponta de Ouro Ponta de Ouro PDD VNBW
30. Pebane Pebane PEB
31. Pemba Porto Amelia POL FQPB
32. Marromeu Marromeu RRM
33. Tete Tete TCV FQTE
34. Tete Matundo TET FQTT
35. Chokwe Chokwe TGS
36. Quelimane Quelimane UEL FQQL
37. Xai Xai Xai Xai VJB FQXA
38. Gurue Gurue VJQ
39. Vilanculos Vilanculos VNX FQVL
40. Lichinga Lichinga VXC FQLC