List of airports in New Caledonia

New Caledonia list of airports

Full list of airports in New Caledonia includes both the international airports in New Caledonia, the largest airports, large airports, and a small civil airports in New Caledonia.

The list of airports includes: airport codes in New Caledonia (iata codes, icao codes), airport names in New Caledonia, the name of the city in which or near which the airport is located.

To obtain detailed information on the desired airport, simply click on the link with the name of the airport.

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# City Airport IATA code ICAO code
1. Belep Island Belep Island BMY NWWC
2. Noumea Magenta GEA NWWM
3. Houailou Houailou HLU NWWH
4. Hienghene Hienghene HNG
5. Ile Des Pins Ile Des Pins ILP NWWE
6. Ile Ouen Ile Ouen IOU NWWO
7. Kone Kone KNQ NWWD
8. Koumac Koumac KOC NWWK
9. Lifou Lifou LIF NWWL
10. Mare Mare MEE NWWR
11. Noumea Tontouta NOU NWWW
12. Paama Paama PBJ NVSI
13. Mueo Mueo PDC NWWQ
14. Poum Poum PUV NWWP
15. Touho Touho TOU NWWU
16. Ouvea Ouvea UVE NWWV