Planes in the sky online

Viewing real-time movement of civilian aircraft in the sky with full of information about the flight (map flights online).

This map displays the scheduled aircraft currently in the air right now in real time and around the world.

Click on the plane and see the flight number, departure time, arrival time, probability of delay, distance, flight time, remaining flight time, airline, model of plane, route, altitude, speed. Using cursor you can move the map anywhere in the world.

To return to the original view (if interrupted online broadcast operations) - refresh the page (Ctrl+F5).

Flight map online. The plane in the sky online (explanation)

The map scheme can't see all aircraft, but only those that are equipped with special transponders (radiotechnique) and are in flight zones, in which there is an appropriate receiving station. For example, the territory of Europe (EEC countries) covered almost completely. Here goes comprehensive information on passenger flights and flights.

But, even in those regions where there is a large saturation of ground stations, the main destination, mostly covered. This can be seen on numerous silhouettes of airplanes on different continents. In this case we recall that for the above reasons, will not show flights of the old modifications of the courts, for example, Boeing (727, 737-200, 747-100, 747-200, 747SP), and the Soviet Tu-134, Tu-154, Il-62, Yak-42: (with the exception of some modifications - "M"). But the new Russian ships -- the Sukhoi SuperJet 100, Il-96, Tu-204 - displayed without a problem.

When the cursor is on the silhouette of a plane it changes color. Clicking on it opens the left column with the information, e.g., name of the airline (Airline), flight number (Flight nr), airports of departure and arrival (From, To), type of aircraft (Aircraft), altitude (Altitude) and velocity (speed) of flight. At this time on the map and a line (track) of the previous movement of the aircraft, the color of which changes depending on the height of the aircraft. You can also include a three-dimensional display mode (3D) to examine the shape of the aircraft from all sides, to see the area of the Earth's surface with altitude of the aircraft, to see the starry sky above the plane, and also the most overlooked sight, the view from the cockpit. For the comfortable continuation of the review of the card flight close the left column.

Note. Information about helicopter flights not displayed. There is no information about the presence in the air military aircraft, with very few exceptions, which allow the creators of this program from Flightradar.

Attention! Due to the lack of ground stations in some regions and problems with signal transmission, the display of the silhouette airplane on the map-the scheme may temporarily disappear and not reflect the real situation. Silhouette also disappear when the plane is in several tens meters from the ground (directly under the takeoff and landing). May not completely reflect the data on the flight characteristics of the aircraft.